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The Chapel Children's Ministry is all about the kids of The Chapel. We get kids excited about Jesus and help them build their faith by using Bible stories, songs, group activities, and curriculums designed for kids from birth through 5th grade.

Chapel Children's Ministry is divided into three groups to best meet the needs of kids in different stages of development. Sunday mornings are packed full of loving volunteers and energetic children, and we have special children's events throughout the year.

In the Treehouse, elementary kids learn...

Jesus is my Savior.

I can follow Jesus.

I can spend time getting to know my Father.

I can reflect Jesus’ love to the world.

In Sprouts, preschoolers grow and learn that...

Jesus is my forever friend.

I can trust Him no matter what.

I am His child

I can share Jesus’ love with others.

In Seedlings (toddlers and nursery), we’re sowing the following values...

Jesus loves me.

I love Jesus.

I belong to His family.

I can love others.

In Buds (special needs), we grow and learn that...

Jesus loves me.

I love Jesus.

I belong to his family.

I can love others.

The Treehouse Leadership Team (TLT) is made up of 4th & 5th graders that desire to go the next step in their Christian walk. TLT kids are in charge of Treehouse Sunday morning details including tech, music, and other responsibilities as needed.

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